Walmart's advice to 2,200 laid off workers - Avoid chocolate and caffeine

Earlier this month, Walmart laid more than 2,200 workers off as the company unexpectedly closed five of its U.S. stores due to "severe plumbing problems". Walmart's advice to the thousands of employees recently laid off? Avoid caffeine and chocolate.

New documents that were handed out to workers the day they were laid off, recently brought to light by OUR Walmart (Organization United for Respect at Walmart) show the company's disdain for its own workers.

The handout also shows that Walmart is completely blind to the issues its many employees face. Jenny Mills, a nine-year employee of one of the now shut down stores recently spoke out in an interview with Gawker.

"I already couldn’t pay my rent or feed myself and my husband on the pay I was getting. So I’d already lost my apartment and was living in my car in their parking lot, and now I don’t know if I even have a job to go back to. It’s just gotten so ridiculous, and they didn’t give me any real help.

[The managers] told me to go find somewhere to live, and that there would be a possibility for fund from corporate if I did. But no apartment is willing to take you before you can actually pay. I told Walmart I’d need the money for an apartment ahead of time, but they said no, they don’t do it that way."

OUR Walmart says that the company's claim of plumbing problems are just excuses to punish workers for protesting higher pay and better working conditions. Workers at one of the now closed stores led one of the first Black Friday protests in 2012.

The corporate giant still maintains that the five stores that were all shut down simultaneously, all for six months, and all with just a few hours notice on the same day were shut down for 'plumbing issues'.