Lead the Change

Working people are stronger when they act together. If you feel like you've been mistreated at work, you're not alone. Chances are many of your co-workers feel the same way. Like you, they probably want change at work too. More often than not, they're just looking for someone to be brave, to help them make an intelligent stand, and to lead them through a collective action that will improve their workplace and their lives.

The fact that you are visiting this website and reading this page suggests you might have the potential to be a leader for change at Walmart. That is a huge challenge, yes, but certainly not an impossible one. If everyday people can breakdown enormous social barriers, as the world saw in the last American election, then they can change Walmart for the better. With your help, Walmart can become a company that truly benefits ordinary Canadians and their families by treating workers fairly. Justice starts with you and it starts today.

The process to form a union is different in each province as the laws differ from province to province.  To learn more about the process please select your province from the list below: